Because … 95 million Americans use captions!

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Adding closed captions to commercials creates an additional media resource with which to engage your audience and extend the efficiency of your campaign. Additionally, closed captions improve comprehension and help viewers retain information.

EZ-Sync is a suite of automated tools that makes the captioning process fast, simple and accurate. EZ-Sync is the automated closed caption one-stop-shop, captioning to the highest standards, from an Israeli start up with innovative technologies that change the way captions are processed.

EZ-Sync automates your CC process, checks your caption files for FCC compliance and corrects non-compliant captions, making QA easier and faster. Watch a demo:!video-samples/gh39s

EZ-Sync is your Live to Offline (L2O) captioning conversion solution. The challenge for broadcasters with live captioned shows is the FCC 79.1 legislation request to convert shows to offline captions within 24 hours. EZ Live to Offline (L2O) converts your live caption file into an offline, pop-on caption file, according to the most rigorous standards. It automatically corrects, detects and reports.

Results from live shows

Original audio quality Original caption quality Good captions before L20 Good captions after L20 Improvement
Good Bad 15% 92% +77%
Bad Bad 7% 87% +80%

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EZ-Comply meets FCC 79.1 closed caption requirements with confidence! Linguistech’s EZ-Comply enables you to automatically verify that caption files meet FCC regulations. EZ-Comply not only removes uncertainty from caption assessment, it also significantly increases caption quality.
With groundbreaking technology that evaluates every caption, repairs mistakes and issues a report detailing any problems, EZ-Comply is your automatic Acceptance Tester.