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The new Shoulderpod R1 is a professional rig specially designed for mobile journalists, filmmakers and videographers. A high quality modular solution for adding microphones, lights or extra batteries to your mobile device.

“Only a few years ago a journalist – for instance – needed the support of a big crew of technicians for covering breaking news or important events. Nowadays a mobile journalist or “mojo” can easily carry a complete professional studio for filming, editing and even life broadcasting a story. The best part?All this amazing technology fits in your backpack and is as simple to use as tapping a few icons on your smartphone”. [Enrique Frisancho, Co-Founder at Shoulderpod].

Shoulderpod is a company from Barcelona that designs and crafts professional smartphone equipment for mobile creatives and visual storytellers. Shoulderpod makes high quality tools for photographers, filmmakers, journalists and travellers who are already using their smartphone cameras for telling amazing visual stories and sharing them with the world. The new R1 Go and R1 Pro rigs will be introduced during Showstoppers and MWC 2016.