PlayOn will give the first public demo of their fully-featured Streaming Video Recorder or “SVR,” at ShowStoppers. PlayOn’s SVR service is a revolutionary application allowing PC users to record streaming TV shows and movies and play them back on a multitude of devices without the ads or the need for an Internet connection. Users can leverage a unified interface and channel guide to record, cast and stream from more than 100 streaming sites including Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Comedy Central, and all the major networks.

Recording and saving content has never been easier – the SVR enables users to record movies or TV shows, or even an entire series, all with the click of a button. Video recordings are saved to a user’s computer so they can be enjoyed ad-free on a TV from the comfort of their couch or on-the-go on a tablet or mobile device – no Internet connection required.

PlayOn is available as a free download and allows users to stream shows or movies and cast their local media from a PC to a TV or device. To record and play back media ad-free, and cast streaming media to a TV or device, PlayOn Plus is available as a paid upgrade.

PlayOn’s first-of-its-kind SVR gives consumers the ability to time shift and screen shift shift by recording streaming media for consumption at a later date where and when it is more convenient. Users gain additional flexibility in viewing content, as PlayOn allows users to simply ‘set it and forget it’ by automatically recording new episodes of shows as soon as they become available. Users can even designate their own recording hours to conserve daytime bandwidth. For more information about PlayOn, visit