Myfox is making sure that every homeowner or renter has access to reliable smart home security. The Myfox Home Alarm turns the table on traditional notions of security systems by introducing the idea of “proactive” security or, security that will sound the alarm BEFORE a potential intruder can enter a home. The Myfox Security Camera, with its unique controllable mechanical shutter, protects a user’s privacy while making a camera a non-intrusive yet vital part of home security. Moreover, thanks to a sleek and simple design, the system fits discretely into a home’s decor.

The system can be controlled remotely from down the street or across the world with the Myfox Security app. The app also allows homeowners to invite friends and neighbours to access the security system thus, creating a trusted network to help watch over their home and their possessions.

Myfox is rethinking what home security should be and wants to change people’s perception from what it is today. It’s not just about protecting a home but also giving people peace of mind that their home and possessions are safe and sound and that they can rest easy knowing Myfox is keeping watch.