digiflareIt’s an established fact that more and more media brands are diving into content delivery over the internet. According to the Deloitte Digital Democracy Survey 60%+  of US consumers now subscribe to a video streaming service[1]. Also, the much analyzed millennials – spend 46% to 56% of their time watching TV shows on devices other than a television[2]. To capture the fast-growing number of viewers who stream content online, Digiflare is building experiences for mobile and connected TV screens.

Videa is a cloud-based platform that allows media brands to deliver high quality streaming experiences to mobile and connected screens alike. It integrates with a customer’s existing back-end video infrastructure and uses native code pre-vetted by OEMs to expedite app launches in weeks not months. Its single, intuitive interface allows brands to manage, edit and update every aspect of application UI and content presentation without the need for coding or design tools.

Working in tandem with partner technologies from Akamai, Verizon Digital Media Services, and Comcast Wholesale, Digiflare is bridging the gap between content owners and audiences who want better and more convenient streaming experiences. Whether ad- or subscription-supported, authenticated or direct-to-consumer, the Videa platform delivers market-ready apps using a process that’s scalable, repeatable and fast.

At Showstoppers Digiflare will showcase the power of Videa and how it helped the Television Academy provide Emmy Awards voters with smart, innovative streaming alternative to physical DVD screeners.