myfcmyFC, a Swedish innovation company pioneering in micro fuel cell technologies as a spinoff from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, will showcase the all-new JAQ™, the world’s smallest and most powerful, portable fuel-cell charger for mobile devices at Showstoppers.

Leading the way in portable, eco-friendly fuel cell chargers for mobile devices, JAQ combines fashion, convenience and power in a small, green, self-generating electricity charger. JAQ comes in a stylish and slim form factor that does not require a wall jack to charge. Rather, it creates its own electricity with a slim, recyclable single-use PowerCard comprised of water and salt. When the PowerCard is inserted into the charger it triggers a chemical reaction that produces hydrogen, which then provides instant power and deliver 1800 mAh to USB compliant smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, which is equivalent to one full smartphone charge.

JAQ will be available in three colors throughout phase one – white, black and purple – and comes with five PowerCards as a start-up kit. It is USB-compliant and compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Windows smartphone, tablets and other USB 5V devices.  JAQ is available for pre-order at