As cybersecurity incidents multiply in frequency, both corporations and consumers desperately need a solution to protect their privacy. More and more companies are realizing that antiquated security measures –usernames, passwords, PINs, keycards – are futile in the face of today’s hackers. Biometrics-based technologies prove a person’s true identity and are the solution when it comes to data security, digital access control and authentication.

At this year’s ShowStoppers @ CE Week, Hoyos Labs is showcasing a host of technologies that can be applied across industries, from healthcare to financial services. These offerings only require the use of smartphones and ready-to-use server components. Their solutions include an app that lets people access websites securely, a way to encrypt documents and communication, access control for corporate intranet that removes the need for usernames and passwords, an ATM that requires no PINs or bank cards, and keyless door locks.

Hoyos Labs is raising the bar on security and digital privacy. They have one overriding goal – to build disruptive technology for consumers and businesses that safeguard identity, giving you near-effortless access to your digital life. Their solutions address authentication using an individual’s unique identity – face, voice, fingerprints, iris – and smartphones. See a demo of their offerings at Table No. 181.