Gridd1BBroadcast facilities experience one of the highest rates of turnover and churn of any building type.  Reconfiguring the inside of a studio, moving and changing furniture and equipment and altering interior layouts is costly and time consuming.  This is why many of the major networks have begun to install Gridd™ from FreeAxez in their portfolio of studios, broadcast centers and production facilities throughout the USA.  Recently one of the top three networks installed Gridd in a midtown Manhattan studio space that had been reconfigured seven times in the last year, each time tearing down walls, ceilings and breaking into concrete. These headaches and costly changes evaporate with Gridd.

Designed to support the cable management needs of high performance buildings, Gridd optimizes the ability to reconfigure any space and is virtually silent.  Gridd is a flooring system that provides cable management that is so flexible it allows any production team to swiftly adapt technology to new space configurations in a fraction of the time.  Additionally, Gridd is designed to be silent.  Integrated in the Gridd system design are sound dampening qualities that prevent noise from foot fall and other movement.

Plug1AThe award-winning Adaptive Cabling Distribution™ Systems, Gridd™ and GriddPower™ deliver a whole building solution, creating long term adaptability for all future upgrades and layout changes.  Installed directly under the floor coverings of any space Gridd channels open in seconds without tools – eliminating core drills, trenches, power poles and cables in hard-to-reach locations in ceilings, walls and slabs. GriddPower™ tracks fit hand-in-glove in the accessible channels, enabling floor boxes, consoles, furniture, and equipment to connect anywhere. Broadcast studios, post-production rooms, newsrooms, performance halls, stages, sets, editing rooms, and offices all benefit from Gridd.