Meet singlecue from eyeSight, the world’s first touch-free universal controller for your TV, entertainment, and smart home devices. With one wave of your finger singlecue provides instant control over your many devices, unifying the separate devices into one experience.

Make your home smarter with singlecue. singlecue is a standalone device that consolidates your TV, media center (cable box, disc player , AV receiver) and smart home devices in a single interface controlled by a wave of your finger. singlecue supports IR remote controlled devices and selected Wi-Fi enabled ones, singlecue brings touch-free universal control capabilities to your existing devices without the need for additional equipment.

Simply move your finger to turn on the TV, select channels, play or pause a disc, adjust the temperature or even dim the lights, you can even put a finger on your lips in a “shush” gesture to mute the volume- No more juggling remote controls or apps for activating your devices.

Remotes out. Magic in.