Akyumen3Akyumen Technologies Corp, (“Akyumen”) is launching highly disruptive devices to bring about a shift in the mobile industry by converging technologies. Akyumen’s Smartphones and 2-in-1 Convertible Tablets have powerful specifications
which include Advanced Encryption and Fingerprint Scanners for data security with a built-in HD Projector that can project content at sizes over 200 inches. With the integration of Akyumen’s technology, the devices will change the way people entertain, do business, or educate. The entire package of Akyumen devices provide basic to advanced solutions for personal or business use, at schools for education, and to share mobile activities with friends or coworkers.

Akyumen4Akyumen’s technology is designed to converge all facets of human communication into one device and push for the highest standards of quality using advanced and easy to use solutions for today’s market. We believe our disruptive technology will improve the quality of communication and interaction which will deliver a significant change to the consumer’s lifestyle.

Akyumen is providing the world’s first advanced integrated devices for wireless carriers with powerful industry leading innovation that are poised to capture a significant share of the global market. The advanced integration of mobile and multi-media projection technology presents an expansive revenue and value growth for Akyumen across multiple sectors of the market. This is a large differentiator to the existing global market providers and wireless carriers. Additionally, the company provides a unique and exclusive application platform capability that expands and enhances its technology offerings in the market with services that offer significant advertising revenue opportunities to Akyumen and its market partners.