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BERLIN, 8 Sept. 2015 — Envisioneering is proud to salute 13 companies and 22 products that earned Innovation and Design Awards during ShowStoppers® @ IFA 2015, the official press event of the global tradeshow for consumer electronics and home appliances now underway in Berlin.

The 22 award winners include products ranging from breakthrough environmental air and water quality products to smartphone-controlled pediatric hearing aids, multi-year capacity inkjet printers, smart sleep monitors, Internet-of-Things kettles and coffee makers, and a 3D food printer.

“ShowStoppers attracts key startups, spinoffs, disruptors – innovators all! With their global reach and frequent showcase cycles of exhibitors, ShowStoppers offers a ready showcase for startups and industry leaders driving radical new digital lifestyle products and services,” said Richard Doherty, Lead Judge. “It’s a pleasure for our team of judges to see these companies spread their tech wings under ShowStoppers’ umbrellas.”

This is the third consecutive year Envisioneering has judged the IFA ShowStoppers award candidates. Envisioneering’s international judging team include inventors, marketers, researchers and designers whose skills at recognizing innovation in all its forms attract thousands of news media and TV quotes and interviews each year. This year marks Envisioneering’s 20th anniversary attending IFA.

Envisioneering’s international team of technologists, marketers and industrial designers assessed each product, technology or service. Five judges deliberated and scored each candidate for its innovation level, design and value to consumers across dozens of categories.

Envisioneering Research Director Richard Doherty has led Innovation review teams in Europe, Asia and the Americas at trade shows. He has also recognized top inventors for the US Patent Office’s’ National Medal of Technology and Innovation – America’s “Nobel Prize” – awarded by Presidents Bush and Obama.

Envisioneering is world-renowned for its objective assessment of new technologies, product and services embodiments, and the talents who drive them to market. Envisioneering’s analysts are oft-quoted by print, web and video media for their assessments or “what’s next” in technology benefit, fun and value.

ShowStoppers has pioneered and championed the showcasing of the finest of advanced technology products and services.


Richard Doherty
+1 516 300-3949

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