VectuU.S. based telecom operator Aspenta introduces Vectu, a family of GPS tracking devices allowing you to keep track of the people, possessions & vehicles – through a web or mobile app. Designed for people and enterprises looking for an affordable and easy way to stay connected, these devices come with an installed SIM card and work worldwide, anywhere GSM cellular reception exists (excludes Japan, N. Korea and S. Korea).

The Vectu line includes five models:

Vectu PRO, two models of an installed vehicle tracker—one with external GSM & GPS antennas and one with internal antennas—which provide security and location awareness

Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker, which provides real-time security and location awareness in an portable device

Vectu On-Demand Personal GPS Locator, which provides real-time, on-demand location updates for people or possessions

Vectu Personal Emergency GPS Locator, which provides real-time positioning upon help alert

All Vectu devices can be followed in the free myAspenta app available for Android and iOS. For added convenience, Vectu users can track or locate devices on the web at Each device can be shared with other users and notifications settings let users add additional phone numbers and email addresses to receive notifications. As an innovative player in the IoT market, Aspenta’s Vectu utilizes state-of-the-art encryption technology, which grants access to only those users permitted. Vectu products are available from and for $99.99 and $139.99 (depending on model), with the first year’s annual service fee included.