OTA TV Streaming Device 4SeTV BlackReady for a whole new way to watch TV? Whether you’re a sports fanatic or just a TV aficionado, with the 4SeTV™ streaming device  you never have to choose between games or shows again: Watch four live TV channels at once on your tablet, smartphone or TV.  Alternatively, up to four people can view an individual live show of their choice on four different devices at the same time.

OTA TV Streaming Device 4SeTV PackagingBuilt on patent pending technology, the 4SeTV networked TV tuner uses over-the-air broadcasting and streams the HD content you want to see to connected devices in your home network. It’s the first-ever device that lets you select and watch four channels on the same screen. There are no pay-TV options that allow you to do this.

An easy-to-use interface makes the 4SeTV app the center of an enhanced viewing experience- you have control from the palm of your hand. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app allows smartphone or tablet users to easily select and control the four channels they want to watch- on their device or cast to a big screen TV. 4SeTV is priced at $179, and can be seen at the CE Week Press Breakfast.